Membership Information

Full membership of the AFC & RAAFA, QLD Division – Pine Rivers and Sandgate Branch is open to Serving Members and Ex-Servicemen and Women over the age of 18.

Membership is open also to former Air Force Cadets aged 18 and over.

Social membership is open to all Relatives of Serving Members and Ex-Servicemen and Women in one of the following categories: Wife/Widow/Husband/Daughter/Son and siblings.

Current Full Membership fees are: $35.00
Current Social Membership fees are: $10.00

If you have any queries regarding Membership, please contact The Secretary. Phone: 0435 862 995 or Email:

Prospective members may contact the Branch through ‘Join as a Member on the face page. You can also find the required information by clicking on the following links:

The Service History form is just as important to fill out. It is designed to take the stress out of families at a time of loss of a member when the Branch is trying to find out information on the members history for the Poppy Service at the funeral.